on this Episode of we have Russell Johnson, he is the host of the podcast "Deceived" 


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its the end of they year and host Nick and Vince talk about the year 2018 of filmy recapping the year and providing their top ten best.  Also Film Blogger under the name  "Flix Chatter" and screenwriter of the film "Hearts Want" RUth Maramis and Film Director Jay Ness both Submit their list as well.  


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December 17, 2018


on this episode Dan and Nick discuss Carol Reed's 1949 masterpiece "The Third Man" regarded as the best British film of the 20th Century by Empire Magazine.  

Mostly film in Vienna after the World War 2 which provides a fantastic setting for a great murder mystery.  

With an enchanting music score, outstanding cinematography, perfect writing and excellent acting The Third man is one of the greatest films of all time. 


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November 28, 2018

actress KELLIE VonBANK

on this episode we have the very talented Kellie VonBank.  She does acting, photography and floral arrangements.  We talk movies, hobbies, and of course Winter in Minnesota. 


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November 25, 2018


on the episode Dan and Nick talk their first new release film "Bohemian Rhapsody"  SPOILERS for sure.

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on this episode we have Dave Palamaro, the director, producer, and editor of the film "Murder Made Easy" 

"Murder Made Easy" was written by Tim Davis and Produced by Jessica Graham.  Cinemat

Starring Jessica Graham, Christopher Soren Kelly, Daniel Ahearn, Emilia Richeson, Edmund Lupinski, & Shelia Cutchlow 

visit the film's IMDB page https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5835256/

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on this episode we have comedian Preston Gunderson on to talk about his favorite movie "BETTER OFF DEAD" 1985. Preston has also published a funny book called "Preston's Friday Thoughts" available now on amazon.


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November 19, 2018


on this episode  Dan and Nick discuss the famous film "The Treasure of Sierra Madre". The film won awards for best director for John Huston, and Best supporting Actor for Walter Huston, and best adapted Screenplay.  

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on this episode  we have guest, author November O' Malley on to talk about one of her favorite films. the 2006 film "Penelope"  

November O' Malley's book "In the House of Souls" is available on Amazon.  

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November 12, 2018


on this episode we have actress Gabi del Moral on. We talk about her passions, acting, and her homeland Venezuela.  

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Thanks for Alloy Brewery for hosting the comic book launch of Nick's graphic novel "The Green Way"  

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