October 17, 2018

director CARLOS OMAR de LEON

on this epsidoe we have director Carlos Omar de Leon.  Carlos has directed several short films, over 70 music videos, and a variety of t.v. commercials.   We have him studio talking about his works, his influences,  what films he continues to appreciate.  



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October 15, 2018


on this epsiode we have actor Tyson Lietz. He has appeared in the short film "GUNN" and is in the full feature film "AMERICAN TENDER" both film were directed by C.J. RENNER and both have been featued on previous epsidoes. Tyson also was able to drive a replica Deloran from the "BACK TO THE FUTURE FILMS" and also runs many restaurants in the Twin Cities.   

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On this epsidoe we have Matt Cici from the Twin City Film Festival. Matt is the Educational Director and helps coordinate all the Educational programs and events for them. 


Please visit the web site for all information regarding the Educational features and events for the Twin City Film Festival. 


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October 10, 2018


On this episode, we have the writer and director of the film "American Tender" C.J. Renner along with the stars of the film, Nelle June Anderson and Frank Foster-Bolton.   American Tender is an Offical Selection of the Twin City Film Festival 2018.  

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On this episode we have Tom Konkle, the co-writer, director and star of the film, "Trouble is My Business".  If you are a fan of noir style films you will greatly appreciate this film.  Also, listen to hear an update on Nick's first comic book that is coming out this month and find out HOW TO WIN TICKETS TO CRYPITON CON MINNESOTA, where Dan and Nick will be hosting a panel discussion. 

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Official Film Site — http://www.troubleismy.biz/




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TroubleIsMyBusinessMovie/


on this epsidoe we have film director and producer Jay Ness. He just finished principal shooting of the film "Dark Cloud" starring Alexys Gabrielle  and now is producing a film titled "Only Dance Can Save Us" Directed by J.J. Kaiser 

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October 2, 2018


on this epsidoe we continue to discuss the ten year old film "The Dark Knight" with special guest Brian Thomas from the "BATMAN vs JAMES BOND" podcast which will return next year as "The Knight Cave Show"

Brian is also does cosplay of Batman and Green Arrow.  


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September 30, 2018


Dan is back and this time we talk about the film "The Dark Knight"  


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on this episode we have the writer and director of the soon-to-be released film. "Max Bishop" a dark comedy about a hitman who becomes a school janitor.  

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co-host Nick has his first ever comic book out.  please visit the indiegogo page for great details.





on this epsiode we have Jennifer and Kevin Sluder from Sunshine Boy Productions on to talk about their films "Play Violet For Me" "Feeding Time" and their new film "Heartless"  


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